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About Us

Worcester Gymnasium offers a wide subject choice, which includes academic, commercial and technical subjects. After successfully completing their careers with us, learners may be equipped, depending on individual choice and achievement, to immediately start working, or to study at a college, university of technology, or university. 

Our aim is for our learners to be well balanced individuals and we strive to equip them with a wide range of skills so that they can cope in our multicultural country and the ever-changing world we live in. 

Some people see us as a sport school, some see us as crazy about culture, some see us as a strong academic school. Some know us as the school with the spirit. 

Who are we really? We like to see ourselves as all-rounders, striving for excellence in everything we do, striving to make the best of the many blessings we have received.

Our mission:
To educate our learners, through our pursuit of excellence on all terrains as a value-driven educational institution with Afrikaans and English as teaching languages, towards disciplined, responsible, independent, ethically informed and critical thinking citizens who can confidently take up their rightful place within a multicultural society.
At Worcester Gymnasium we start doing now what will set us apart one day. We dream big, work hard and persevere, inside the classroom and out.
School Song
Tussen berge in ’n lowerkom 
van water, vrug en edel wyn
is ons geborge in geloof
kultuur en Alma Mater
With diligence and humility 
we serve our community
and in God are proud
of our heritage and school:
Worcester Gymnasium
Deur spel en werk leef ons tesaam
die leuse Diligentia
en dra met trots die simbole van
ons skool se hele wese
With diligence and humilty
we serve our community
and in God are proud
of our heritage and school:
Worcester Gymnasium
School and Hostel Fees
                       Per annum   Per term   Per month
School Fees    R26 400                          R2 400
Hostel Fees    R34 000        R8 500     R2 834
A development fund of R1 210 is included in the school fees.
Payment Plan:
  • Full settlement must be paid on the first day of school.
  • Upon written request the amount may be paid in 11 monthly instalments
       (December/January — November). 
       Payments due by the 1st of the month.
  • All new entrants must pay the first instalment upon acceptance.
  • School fees paid in full before the end of December 2021 receive a 10% discount (excluding development fund).
  • School fees paid in full before end of January 2022 receive a 5% discount (excluding development fund)​.
Banking Details:
Worcester Gymnasium
ABSA Worcester
Account number: 440 153 747
Branch code: 632 005
Debtor number AND the surname of learner
School Uniform
  • Blue shirt
       (winter: long sleeve, summer: short sleeve)
  • Grey trousers (boys and girls)
       or dark blue skirts (girls)
  • Dark blue blazer and school tie compulsory in winter.
  • Only the official school scarf may be worn in winter.
  • LO clothes:
       PT navy shorts or school tracksuit pants
       PT shirt or school tracksuit top
       Blue socks (girls); white socks (boys)
       Sport trainers.
  • Only navy blue or black school bags are allowed.
All school clothes and sport wear are available at:
    De Jagers Uitrusters
    Riebeeck Street
    Church Street


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Parent Declaration

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