Bosvarkies Trap Fiets


Die Mienies

Die Mienies

Worcerster Gym’s Bosvark Mountainbike team took part in Worcester’s own Cape Epic on Saturday, 23 February. We had a different look. Only five learners could take part, but keen parents and teachers cycled together, kept our schools name high and had lots of fun.

Die roete was swak aangedui en baie tegnies, wat vir baie frustrasies en verkeerde afdraaie gesorg het. As gevolg hiervan is daar geen kategorie-wenners aangekondig nie.

Learners who did very well were Pieter Mienie, Eric Wulsliger, and Brandon van Heerden in die 30km ride; Christiaan du Preez in the 50km route. Mr Mienie (30 km) and Mrs Hofmeyr (110 km) represented the teachers.

We are preparing for the Spur School League and this following weekend some of our learners will be taking part in the Argus Mountain bike race. On Monday, 4 March, our School’s team is taking part in the second time trail of the year. We wish them best of luck.

Skenk bloed- Red ‘n lewe

Bloedskenk 020Bloedskenk 053Bloedskenk 050Bloedskenk 008
Worcester Gimnasium se kwartaalikse skakelling met die WP Bloedoortappingsdienste het op 8 Februarie 2013 plaasgevind. Hierdie kliniek was net so en selfs meer suksesvol as die voor dit met talle eenhede bloed wat deur die onbaatsigtige Gimmies geskenk is.
Die span van die WP bloedoortappingsdienste was alreeds vroegvroeg by die skool om die dag se skenkings aan die gang te kry. Alle leerders wat gewillig en ouer as 16 was het die kans gekry om hul naam op te gee en na ‘n mediese suster se ondersoek hul bloed te skenk.
Die behulpsame en gerusstellende personeel van die WP bloedoortappingsdienste het selfs die bangste van die skenkers kalm en rustig gekry, altyd byderhand indien die skenker iets wou vra of benodig het. Na die tyd het die skenkers ook ‘n sappie en koekie ontvang om hul energievlakke lekker op te stoot.
“ Ons waardeer die leerders van Worcester Gimnasium se bereidwilligheid om ander mense te help elke keer wat ons julle hier kom besoek. Die leerders se positiewe gesindheid helder ons hele dag op!” sê mev. Anél le Roux, ‘n suster van die bloedoortappingsdiens.
‘Doen iets besonders, skenk bloed’ lui die slagspreek van die WP bloedoortappingsdiens. En dit is presies wat die bloedskenkers van Worcester Gimnasium is. Besonders.


Op Dinsdag, 12 Februarie het meeste van ons spanne wedstryd gespeel. Die eerste seuns wen vir Robertson, 6-0. Die eerste meisies wen vir Robertson, 4-2. Die tweede meisies wen vir Robertson, 4-2. Die derde meisies verloor teen Montana se tweede span, 2-4.

Vrydag het ons derde meisies teen Drostdy se eerstespan gespeel en ongelukkig 4-2 verloor.

The New Kids In Town

Mrs Nel (The Bosvarkie)

Mrs Nel (The Bosvarkie)

Monique Nel was born on the 4th of June 1985. Born and raised in Rawsonville, she attended Worcester Gymnasium and matriculated there in 2003. Growing up on a farm, it was with no doubt that she wanted to become a vetenerian. Life had its ways and Nel obtained a degree in Education at the University of Stellenbosch. “I believe that everything happens for a reason”, says Mrs Nel as she is inspired by every person she meets. Her favorite color is green and she loves nature. This bosvark played hockey, part of the school choir and organizer of first year concerts. This huge ball of energy loves spending time in nature and is a rugby fanatic. She wants to break the cycle poverty in South Africa and she’ll do it with a bowl of pasta and a slice of pizza at a time!

Mr Fourie (The Joker)

Mr Fourie (The Joker)

Hein Fourie was born on the 29th of January 1985. He attended Charlie Hofmeyr High School and played tennis and hockey. “Hockey is a game of skill”, adds Mr Fourie. When growing up, he was regarded as the responsible one and is very conscience of what he does. After matric, he went to London for 2 years in the search of finding a passion, only to find out that home is where the heart is. He then went to study Education at the University of Stellenbosch. His favorite color is blue and he loves braai vleis. If he wasn’t teaching, he would have been hosting an event and travelling agency. He is inspired by Hansie Cronje’s leadership abilities. He says that although Hansie made a mistake, he admitted what he had done and apologized. This laid-back, non-strict teacher loves to make jokes and has a long “humerus”.

Miss Engelbrecht (Dancing Queen)

Miss Engelbrecht (Dancing Queen)

Lynn Engelbrecht was born on the 6th of September 1990. She was born and raised in Brackenfell and attended her whole school career there. After matriculating, she studied at the University of Stellenbosch, obtaining a Degree in Language and Culture and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. “I am a student by heart”, says Miss Engelbrecht and loves education. She doesn’t believe in destining the future but believes that everything happens for a reason. With her favorite food being sushi and loves the color green, it is with no doubt that Miss Engelbrecht is a down to Earth and an “in-the -now” person. If she wasn’t she would have definitely took the occupation of writer and drama. This dub-step lover has no favorite person and believes in second chances. She is described as the “Quiet One” , watch out Madonna, there’s a new mistress in town!

Miss Basson (The Hippie)

Miss Basson (The Hippie)

Leandre Basson was born on the 12th of October in 1989. Born and bred in Frendendal, she also attended high school there. Ex- head girl, editor of school’s newspaper and RCL member, it is clear that Miss Basson was, and still is, a leader at heart. Sport was one of her weaknesses in high school but this never let her down as she was always there when her peers needed her on the field. She obtained a BA in Humanity and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Miss Basson believes that attitude determines your altitude and lives by the quote “If you think you can, if you think you can’t, you’re right, you’re right”. Her love of scuba diving has led her to the destinations of Thailand. She loves photography and confessed that she is quite of a hippie. With a 5 year plan aimed to success, travelling, tying the knot and changing the world is part of them. “I may not be able to change the world, but I can try to make it livable”, says Miss Basson.

Love is in the Air

“Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, others don’t.”

Romantic poems, Lionel Richie songs on repeat and a general rise in sugar levels can only mean ONE thing. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Week has arrived.
The week was sure to hold excitement and surprises in abundance as the learners of Worcester Gymnasium got starry-eyed and spirited.

A hilarious auction was held on Tuesday, 12 February, where some hot commodities were auctioned off. With hot commodities, I mean 8 learners of Worcester Gymnasium of course. To the backdrop of soothing Steri-Stumpis and booming music – bids went flying. A lucky learner, Ané Le Roux got auctioned off at a magnificent price of R91!

The highest bidders were treated to a delightful picnic with the learners of their choice amidst a cool breeze and warm conversation.

The highlight of the week strikes on Thursday, 14 February when the Day of Love hits Worcester Gymnasium’s grounds. Cupids – in character from head to toe- will personally deliver letters written by the learners of our school. From friends to secret admirers, these love notes are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Happy Love Day is also a feature of this week, where the learners get funky in red accessories. Even the building itself will be hit by the love bug, as balloons, streamers and hearts in abundance deck the Gimmie Halls!

Of course, an event on everyone’s lips (and hopefully to-do list) is the annual Valentine’s Ball which will be held on Friday, 15 February at 19:00 in the school hall. This glamorous event is enough to make any heart melt and any hips sway. This year’s theme is “A Masked Ball in Venice” and it promises to be a magnificent, dazzling event as we journey through our imaginations from the dance-floor, to a night on the streets of the picturesque city of Venice. Magical!

At Worcester Gymnasium, we value the true importance of Valentine’s Day. It’s not just about the presents or chocolates but rather about showing love and appreciation to the people in our lives.
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Week and in the words of The Beatles – all you need is love! (although oxygen would be good too.)


On Thursday the 31 st of January our team participated in a relay gala at Somerset College.
The under 14 girls got 2nd and 3rd places, the under 16 boys got a 3rd place and the under 19 girls managed a 3rd place and to top it all they came 1st in the breaststroke relay.
In the individual items Janét Vlok got a 2nd place.

Op Donderdag 7 Februarie , het ons met ‘n span van 24 swemmers deelgeneem aan die eerste Frank Myburgh Twilight Interskole Gala op Malmesbury. 13 Skole het deelgeneem onder andere Paarl Gimnasium, La Rochelle , Girls High en nog vele meer.
Die onder 16 en 19 seuns en meisies aflos spanne behaal 4de plekke, Niyaz Ismail en Jonathan Cardoso eindig 4de in hulle vryslagitems , Marli Neethling kry brons in rugslag, Willem-Pierre Viljoen kry silwer in vryslaf en Janét Vlok wen goud in die rugslag.

Baie geluk aan al ons swemmers! Ons is trots op julle!

Dirty Dancing

Op Vrydag die 8ste Februarie het 20 van ons Gimmies Dirty Dancing gaan kyk. Die opwindendheid was hoog in die bussie en niemand kon meer wag nie.

Ons het twee ure gehad om nog deur die pragtige V&A Waterfront te loop en al die winkels plat te trap! Wat ‘n manier om jou week af te sluit. Ons arriveer toe uiteindelik by die Artscape en neem toe dadelik ons sitplekke in.

The curtain finally opened and the next moments the stage came alive with dancers and singers blowing us away with their amazing abilities.We were amazed by the incredible dancers, actors and singers and enjoyed every moment of it! The costumes and decor really made us feel like we were in that time era. The lead roles never lost our attention their connection on stage added such an better experience of the show.

It was such an sad moment when the last song played and the last dance was danced…. But we had the time of our lives!

We would just like to thank Miss Mills for giving us this amazing opportunity and for driving us all.

Golf at Worcester Gym

Golf is really on the move in Worcester Gymnasium. There are many learners who are playing, while more are still learning the basics of the game as part of two beginner groups.
Dit is veral verblydend dat baie meisies begin om die spel te speel. Daar is 3 meisies wat alreeds op die gholfbaan hul potensiaal getoon het. Ons glo dat nog baie Georgina, Chanté en Dala se voorbeeld gaan volg.
There is a lot of talent amongst the boys as well. They are showing good form and the competition for the places in the first team is strong. The fact that many of the boys are juniors holds a lot of promise for the future.
In hierdie kwartaal is daar reeds oefenrondtes by Worcester en Theewaterskloof gespeel. Die eerste kompetisierondte tussen skole is ook op Maandag, 4 Februarie by Worcester Gholfklub afgehandel. Ons neem saam met 11 ander skole in die Noord- en Suid-Boland deel. Na afloop van die eerste rondte is ons eerste span voor in die A-liga en ons tweede span lê tweede in die B-liga.
We would also like to thank Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty for sponsoring our new golf shirts and caps.