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Inligting vir Nuwe Bosvarke


Afrikaans Huistaal 3 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.) – oorgetrek met blou
1 x A4-ringlêer (dun karton)
1 x Flip file (30 sakkies)
Afrikaans Eerste Add. Taal 3 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.)
1 x A4-lêer (dun karton)
1 x Flip file (30 sakkies)
English Home Language 3 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.)
1 x Flip file (30 sakkies)
1 x A4-lêer (dun karton)
Engels First Add. Language 2 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.)
1 x Flip file (30 sakkies)
1 x dun karton A4-lêer
Wiskunde 1 x A4 hardebandboek (288 bl.) – oorgetrek met oranje
1 x Flip file (30 sakkies)
Sakrekenaar: Casio FX82ZA
Natuurwetenskappe2 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.)
Sosiale Wetenskappe2 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.) – oorgetrek met ligtegroen
Tegnologie2 x A4 Oefeningboeke (72 bl.)
EBW1 x Grootboek; 1 x Multikolom; 1 x Kasboek
1 x A4 Bruin koevert
1 x Oefeningboek (72 bl.)
Lewensoriëntering1 x A4 Oefeningboek (72 bl.)
1 x Flip file (20 sakkies)
Kreatiewe kunste: Musiek1 x Flip file (30 sakkies)
1 x A4 Oefeningboek (72 bl.) 1 x Teorieboek


Op die 14de, 15de en 16de Januarie sal die skool se kantoor van 08:30 - 12:30 oop wees. Vanaf 19 Januarie sal die kantoor tot 15:45 oop wees.
Die klerebank sal dan van 10:00 tot 12:30 oop wees.

20 Januarie, 16:30
Ontvangs van alle nuwe leerders in skoolsaal (skooldrag)
21 Januarie, 07:30
Skool heropen (somerskooldrag)
23 Januarie, 18:00
Geselligheid vir nuwe ouers (Klubhuis)

Verpligte toerusting vir almal:

  • A4-Foliobladsye met gaatjies, (eksamenblok of los bladsye), sakrekenaar, meetkundestel met driehoek, gradeboog, passer, HB-potlood, kleurpotlode, liniaal, balpuntpen (swart of blou), uitveër, pritt, kramdrukker, 30 plastieksakkies
  • “Flash drive” net vir skoolwerk
  • Stewige boeksak / rugsak (swart of donkerblou / navy – geen graffiti)
  • Alle leerders moet huiswerkboeke (dagboeke) hê.
  • Inligting rakende LO-kleredrag (vir prakties) op keersy
NB: A4 Skryfboeke (sagteband 72 bl.) sal die eerste week van 2017 by die skool te koop wees teen R2 per boek.


Harenetjies en gekam
geen “steps”, wal, “undercut”, ens.
geen “spikes”
kuif: hoogstens bokant wenkbrou
kante: hoogstens tot op oorskulp
agter: hoogstens tot op kraag
geen onnatuurlike en/óf dubbelhaarkleur
Baard/snorte alle tye skoon geskeer
Naelskort en skoon
Juwelierswareslegs horlosie

Harenetjies gekam
geen “steps”, “undercut”, ens
geen onnatuurlike en/of dubbelkleure
geen slierte langs gesig
rekkies en kammetjies: slegs donkerblou, donkerbruin of swart
kopbande: slegs donkerblou, donkerbruin of swart; geen versierings daarop
hare moet vasgemaak word indien langer as kraaglengte
as sintetiese hare ingevleg word, moet dit netjies en stewig vasgemaak word
Naelskort en skoon
slegs kleurlose naellak
Grimeringslegs kleurlose lipglans of lipsalf
Juwelierswareslegs horlosie
slegs klein knopie (3 mm) of “sleeper” in oorlel (slegs goud/ silwer)


Short-sleeve blue shirt grey pants (boys may wear short pants) or dark blue skirts (for girls). Grey socks for boys and blue socks for girls.

Long-sleeve blue shirt and grey pants or dark blue skirts with navy blue stockings (for girls). Dark blue blazer and school tie are compulsory for winter.

LO Clothes:
New WG Sport Shirt, light blue WG tracksuit top and plain navy tracksuit pants (no embellishments). Learners must wear shoes suitable for sport participation.

Alle skool- en sportdrag is verkrygbaar by:
  • De Jagers Uitrusters, Riebeeckstraat, Worcester
  • Laslappies, Kerkstraat, Worcester.


RIGHTS: A learner has the right: RESPONSIBILITIES: To deserve this right, the learner must:
1. to study and to attend classes/ educational situations respect study opportunities and not disturb or disrupt other learners;
carry out work assignments and do homework regularly
2. to be listened to be polite when making reasonable requests and when voicing an opinion;
pay attention when assignments are given;
listen to others as well;
be quiet when others talk
3. to use his time optimally respect others' time;
plan thoroughly and decide on priorities;
co-operate with regard to requests made by educators;
attend school every day
4. to be treated with respect and to expect his/her property to be treated with respect earn respect through own behaviour and proper dress;
respect other people and their property; behave responsibly;
respect the school uniform, school and national symbols;
accept authority and disciplinary measures;
respect other races, cultures, religions and gender
5. to be safe report any strangers and incidents on the school grounds;
make sure that he/she does not have, in his/her possession, handle or use any weapons or objects that might harm others;
never threaten or endanger another pupil;
never become involved in gang-related activities;
never entice others to unruly behaviour
6. work in a clean environment be clean, shaven and neat in appearance every day;
not damage property or pollute the environment;
not use, handle or sell cigarettes, alcoholic drink or any other drug;
report it if he/she is aware of any learners owning, handling, using or dealing in the above-mentioned substances
7. be treated fairly have honest and pure motives;
be objective, fair and civilized in their behaviour;
admit that people differ and have shortcomings;
treat others fairly and with compassion
8. state his/her opinion give others a fair chance to state their opinion;
always speak the truth;
do this in an orderly manner
9. take part in the school's activities complete a specific season/term of participation;
attend practices and classes regularly;
co-operate with coaches and educators;
respect and accept team selections, group and class divisions;
show sportsmanship;
show good behaviour at public meetings;
accept and act according to the school's sport code
10. enjoy praise for achievements notify the principal of achievements in writing;
congratulate others when they achieve
11. be happy avoid sexual harassment and pornographic material of any form;
never sing songs, tell jokes, use abusive names, perform suggestive movements to deride race, colour, religion or sex;
convey a positive and loyal image of the school;
create a happy atmosphere

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