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Athletics tour to Mosselbay
19 October 2015
During the October holidays WG's athletics team took part in a top 10 athletics meeting hosted at HS Punt in Mosselbay.

As part of the team building for this group of learners, the 30 learners stayed in Mosselbay from the Thursday already where they had the opportunity to bond and have some fun on the beach, training and getting ready for Saturday's event.

There were 65 teams in total, among them some strong teams all the way from Pretoria and Johannesburg. The A-team finished 6th overall and the B-team finished 7th overall with some brilliant performances from the athletes.

For the A-team Elize-Mari Jacobs (905 points for shotput), Leandré Ketch (870 for shotput & 796 for javelin) and Rogail Joseph (824 for 200m) did excellently for the A-team while Mari Pretorius (a future Bosvark of 2016) raked in 880 and 868 for the B-team in 100m and 200m respectively while Chinell Ferreira's efforts in the javelin earned her 763 points.

The top performers for the C-team were Samuel Santos (669 in 1500m) and Rehane Adams (469 in longjump).

We are very excited about the 2016 athletics season as the athletes are hard at work in the preseason and the efforts are clearly paying off.
Boland Cricket
15 October 2015
7 WG cricketers were included in the Boland age-group teams.

Back: Lundi Msenge (u.17A), Pieter Swart (u.18A), Frederich Conradie (u.17A), Mariska Coetzer (u.18A)
Front: Zintle Mdingi (u.18A), Ashwin Witbooi (u.17 Platteland), Curtley Deelman (u.17A)

Congratulations to these learners!
u.14 Cricket Tournament
12 October 2015
The u.14 cricket team participated in a tournament held at Stellenberg High School where they did their school proud.

8 October vs Parel Vallei
WG 280/6 : Stian Viola 96, Chamber Joseph 69
PV 136 all out : Henry Damant 3/28, Dylan Setera 2/10
WG win by 143 runs

9 October vs Stellenberg
WG 94 all out : Dylan Setera 19, Ryan George 18
Stellenberg 95/7 : Henry Damant 2/9, Chamber Joseph 2/21
WG lose by 3 wickets

10 October vs Somerset College
WG 150 all out : Dylan Setera 35, Chamber Joseph 31
Somerset College 105 all out : Endi Mdingi 4/20, Henry Damant 2/21
WG win by 45 runs

Henry Damant was named the bowler of the tournament while Stellenberg took the tournament honours.
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This week's activities

26 KRIEKET: o.19A1 vs Engelse Toerspan (tuis)
GHOLF: Oefenrondte (15:00)
28 KRIEKET: o.15B vs HS Montagu (tuis)
o.19B vs Charlie Hofmeyr (weg)
BEGROTINGSVERGADERING 2016: Medialokaal (18:30)
29 SWEM: Aflosgala (15:30): Bridge House
Seminarie Prefekkamp
30 Seminarie Prefekkamp
ATLETIEK: Paul Roos Uitnodigingsbyeenkoms
TENNIS : Boland Platteland Toernooi
Landsdiens Oorbruggingskamp
31 ATLETIEK: Top Tien Moorreesburg
TOUTREK: Westcliff (Bulldogs)
KRIEKET: o.14A vs Newlands CC (tuis)
o.15A vs Newlands CC (tuis)
TENNIS: Boland Platteland Toernooi
FIETSRY: Bonnievale Bonanza Bergfietsry/Prettrap
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recent sport results

o.19A vs Ashton SS (Pro20)
WG teken 220/8 aan. Curtley Deelman (109) en Frederich Conradie (37) teken die meeste lopies aan.
Ashton teken 147/3 aan. Beste bouler was Frederich Conradie (1/20)
WG verloor met 73 lopies

o.19A vs Eltham College (English Touring Side)
EC teken 115/9 aan. Beste boulers was Curtley Deelman (2/19) en Lundi Msenge (2/21)
WG teken die wenlopies aan in die 20ste beurt met 5 paaltjies plat. Adeeb Isaacs (45) en Pierre Joubert (34) teken die meeste lopies aan.
WG wen met 5 paaltjies

u.19B vs Charlie Hofmeyr (Pro20)
WG scored 134 runs with the top scorers Byron Moffat (52) and Anton Voigt (32).
CH were bowled out for 74, best bowlers were Mateo Lawrence (3/8) and Luke Titus (2/12).
WG win by 9 wickets

u.15A vs Somerset College
WG scored 264 runs with the top scorers Hans Klüsmann (87) and Pierre Joubert (44).
SC were bowled out for 106, the best bowlers Giano Jeftha (4/23) and Heinrich Hartog (11/2).
WG win by 158 runs

o.15B vs Montague o.15A
Montague word uitgeboul vir slegs 76 lopies. Beste bouler was Hannes Joubert (5/21).
WG teken die wenlopies aan in slegs 13 boulbeurte met Yash Patel (33*) wat die meeste lopies aanteken.
WG wen met 7 paaltjies

o.14A vs Somerset College
SC word uitgeboul vir slegs 102 lopies. Beste boulers was Chamber Joseph (3/16) en Stian Viola (2/4).
WG teken die wenlopies aan in slegs 17 boulbeurte met Curtly Swarts (52) en Stian Viola (29*) wat die meeste lopies aanteken.
WG wen met 8 paaltjies
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